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Independence day special - 15-08-2019

3 tough women who with personal problems have won the hearts of everyone they come across and hear their life history. They are

This is called the strength of a woman when you win the war with dignity and alone.

Shanti Avedna Sadan, Loutolim Cancer Hospital Visit - 31-05-2019 (7 photos)

Team ... Joshua. Fritzie. Sr. Prabala. Shalinta and Tina. Salu also helped with the packages.
Shanti Avedna Sadan, Loutolim Cancer Hospital Visit - 31-05-2019Shanti Avedna Sadan, Loutolim Cancer Hospital Visit - 31-05-2019Shanti Avedna Sadan, Loutolim Cancer Hospital Visit - 31-05-2019Shanti Avedna Sadan, Loutolim Cancer Hospital Visit - 31-05-2019

Vivian Niwas Site Visit - 28-03-2019 (6 photos)

We visited the site of Vivian Niwas Siolim - the underprivileged girls home, which is under construction.
Vivian Niwas Site Visit - 28-03-2019Vivian Niwas Site Visit - 28-03-2019Vivian Niwas Site Visit - 28-03-2019Vivian Niwas Site Visit - 28-03-2019

68 Not Out - 26-09-2018

The singing nun with a bag full of tablets going around from house to house taking care of the old and sick in Siolim with a smile on her face completed her 68th Birthday. CRAC presented her with a chocolate cake and snacks. The parish priest Fr. Raul Colaco was also there.
68 Not Out - 26-09-201868 Not Out - 26-09-201868 Not Out - 26-09-2018

Independence Day - 15-08-2018

Zygal and his group hoisted the national flag with patriotic songs and finally snacks were served. The children from around enjoyed till all was over.
Independence Day - 15-08-2018Independence Day - 15-08-2018Independence Day - 15-08-2018Independence Day - 15-08-2018

Farewell Sr. Ezilda - 31-05-2018 (5 photos)

Joshua put a smile on sister's face with gift and snacks as the girls of Vivian Niwas are not back and sister is being transferred. Her term is over. Good luck sister.
Farewell Sr. Ezilda - 31-05-2018Farewell Sr. Ezilda - 31-05-2018Farewell Sr. Ezilda - 31-05-2018Farewell Sr. Ezilda - 31-05-2018

Wishing Well - 21-05-2018

CRAC came across a terminally ill senior citizen whose wish was to eat dry bangda so we got it for her from Malwan and you should have seen her eyes light up and a smile of her face

Woman's Day - 08-03-2018 (5 photos)

Grandmothers, daughters and mothers took part but there was a stand out girl REHANSHI AMRE aged 3 who took the cake with her answers, amazing you with a real kick ass kid
Woman's Day - 08-03-2018Woman's Day - 08-03-2018Woman's Day - 08-03-2018Woman's Day - 08-03-2018

Shiva Jayanti Utsav - 04-03-2018

Honouring people from Goa for the selfless work done over the years, 20 gents and only one woman Ms. Fritzie Moraes Lobo was felicitated by the Mapusa Municipal officials.
Shiva Jayanti Utsav - 04-03-2018Shiva Jayanti Utsav - 04-03-2018Shiva Jayanti Utsav - 04-03-2018Shiva Jayanti Utsav - 04-03-2018

Torch bearer - Smt. Flavia Moraes

In memory of Swatantra Party stalwarts this NGO is born with reliable, honest and loyal members working for the lessor known people of society.
Torch bearer - Smt. Flavia Moraes

Christmas Gifts by AMAR KAVLEKAR FLY

Christmas Gifts for the lesser known people of our society - 08/12/2017
Christmas Gifts by AMAR KAVLEKAR FLYChristmas Gifts by AMAR KAVLEKAR FLY

CRAC Sports Person - 11-03-2017

CRAC Sports Person - 11-03-2017

Christmas Party on 19-12-2016 (7 photos)

This year the youngest executive member Adv. Eeshan was given the charge to organize the Xmas party. He took charge as Santa Claus and the youth had a zumba Xmas party. Non stop dancing, eating, laughing, jumping & screaming, this santa is not an ordinary santa, he is magical mystery dude. There was never a silent movement & a in-house DJ Zena under the guidance of Sis Ezilda and Sis Prabala who made sure that there was nothing less for the guest. After the party each guests were given a packets of home made sweets and finally a big thank you card was presented to team CRAC which was made by DJ Zena. This is the Christmas we will never forget.
Christmas Party on 19-12-2016Christmas Party on 19-12-2016Christmas Party on 19-12-2016Christmas Party on 19-12-2016

Children's Day - 14/11/2016

The show started with RJ Joed Almeida announcing the names of the children who participated in the competition and he played two high spirit songs making the children get on their feet & dance. The contest started with......

DRAWING - 1st Prize - JANICE (Mini mouse)
- 2nd Prize - TEJASHI (Flowerpot)

POETRY - 1st Prize - JOSEL (Aerplane Aeroplane)
- 2nd Prize - AKASHRA (Twinkle twinkle little star)

SINGING - 1st Prize - DIYA (Fulpakhru)
- 2nd Prize - ROSHANI (Oo la Palomablanka)

(The queen was crowned by our patron Mr. Vincent Lobo)

The show ended with music by Joed Almeida (Music therapist) with compliments from Indigo 91.9 FM.
Children's Day - 14/11/2016Children's Day - 14/11/2016Children's Day - 14/11/2016Children's Day - 14/11/2016

Musical Storm - 04/10/2016

An evening at Radio Indigo 91.9 FM to thank RJ Joed Almeida and luckily we caught RJ Ayesha Barretto in too. Roshni was on air and a jolly good time she had with the music she enjoyed. Our very own music therapy doctor JOED won a fan which is one more feather to his cap.
Musical Storm - 04/10/2016Musical Storm - 04/10/2016Musical Storm - 04/10/2016

Honouring women's power - 14 August 2016 (6 photos)

A widow, a executive secretary & a mother of two children has carried herself beautifully. We honour her for the position she is in. Photographs speak a thousand words. We wish her joy, peace & happiness.
Honouring women's power - 14 August 2016Honouring women's power - 14 August 2016Honouring women's power - 14 August 2016Honouring women's power - 14 August 2016

A Hero Comes Home 12 August 2016 (6 photos)

The call of the early morning siren is over but the fight goes on this is the life of our men from the Army, Navy, Air Force & Border Security Force (BSF) who guard our country and give us peaceful sleep. Laxman was there during the Kargil War & was awarded a medal, but his wife and 2 sons prayed for his safety and for all those in the front line. Little do we stop to think what life is like for them. We are proud to have him and a few others in our committee always keeping in touch over the phone. He is badly needed by his sons for guidance as they are growing up. He has taken early retirement and plans to work for Govt of Goa to keep himself busy and the home fire burning. We are trying our level best to find him a suitable job. God bless you Laxman for being a humble servant of our country. Jai Hind !
A Hero Comes Home 12 August 2016A Hero Comes Home 12 August 2016A Hero Comes Home 12 August 2016A Hero Comes Home 12 August 2016

81 not out! Mrs. Victoria Fernandes (5 photos)

A football match was not the end of the day, but the beginning of a party. Mummy got her foot in a ditch and muck on her cloth. Being always a winner she changed into a birthday glamorous outfit shining like a star she rose to the occasion greeting VVIP'S, friends and the masses with her charm & smiles. We are proud to have you in our family. God bless you mummy.
81 not out! Mrs. Victoria Fernandes81 not out! Mrs. Victoria Fernandes81 not out! Mrs. Victoria Fernandes81 not out! Mrs. Victoria Fernandes

Salute The Martyrs on Kargil Vijay Diwas - 26 July 2016

1,99,473 survived & 527 live on in our hearths. 60 days mobilization of 2,00,000 Indian troops. We owe our today to the Martyrs of the past. Today we pay tribute to our brothers lost in the Kargil war who will always be remembered by the nation. Our members BSF Jawans Laxman & Vijay told us about the trauma they went through. We are proud that they a happy & alive.
Salute The Martyrs on Kargil Vijay Diwas - 26 July 2016

Pre Diabetic detection Camp - 24 July 2016 (5 photos)

The camp is organized for Police, RTO & Fire department since these are vulnerable to the exotic disease of the day. Many came forward to know about their health but quit a few avoided knowing the truth or either frightened about the end result. We have done it for a cause with Doctor Digambar Naik as the brain child of Indian Red Cross Society Medical Team.
Pre Diabetic detection Camp - 24 July 2016Pre Diabetic detection Camp - 24 July 2016Pre Diabetic detection Camp - 24 July 2016Pre Diabetic detection Camp - 24 July 2016

Strength of a woman - 20 July 2016

A single mother from 2001 with 2 children who are now 23 years and 20 years of age educated them single handed working day and night to make both ends meet. Being an executive secretary is not easy but she made it with a smile on her face she made her home a happy place. The photos speak for themselves. She is also looking after her aged mother with love and care. She & her late husband Alex were known to the President from 1986. Our team stands by Arleen, Arnold & Amanda and wishes them every success in life.
Strength of a woman - 20 July 2016Strength of a woman - 20 July 2016Strength of a woman - 20 July 2016

S.R.A. Sisters, Brun Ville, Marna Siolim - 27-05-2016

Sister Prabha commission in Goa is over and she is now transferred to Saint John Hospital, Bangalore. We organized a farewell get-together for her good work done in Goa. This centre has Father Peter Gama as visiting counselor every Tuesday evening. Sister Shirley and Sister Shanti are the new Nuns here. The other girls who reside there are novices. CRAC wishes them the very best & will stand by them always.
S.R.A. Sisters, Brun Ville, Marna Siolim - 27-05-2016S.R.A. Sisters, Brun Ville, Marna Siolim - 27-05-2016S.R.A. Sisters, Brun Ville, Marna Siolim - 27-05-2016S.R.A. Sisters, Brun Ville, Marna Siolim - 27-05-2016

Women's Day - 2016 (5 photos)

The migrants of Maharashtra & Karnataka celebrated women's day with roses and sweets. There was a grand mother two young mothers with their two daughters. Awareness among them was high. God bless them.
Women's Day - 2016Women's Day - 2016Women's Day - 2016Women's Day - 2016

Goodbye Angel (9 photos)

God sent us Angel for 6 years to look after and care for people affected with cancer. As many as 2000 or more have left peacefully for a land beyond. A qualified mid wife who switched to cancer care at Shanti Avedana Sadan, Loutolim is much loved by patients from all walks of life. She is been transferred to her old job where she is urgently needed. Members of CRAC wish her good luck, happiness & loads of smile. God bless you Sr. Jose Mary. Her replacement is Sr. Jobina who is a bagful of bubbles. We will support her whenever needed.
Goodbye AngelGoodbye AngelGoodbye AngelGoodbye Angel

Santa - Banta... Hohohoho (6 photos)

The new adition to Santa's gang are Akshada M Varik - 7 years, Govind M Varik - 7 months & Danyeshree Chivrie - 8 months. This children are not aware of Xmas & Santa but the elders know of sweets caps & cloths, since it was chill winter the caps were most appropriate and so where woollies which the children were not interested in heavy luggage. We caught them unaware of the festive season with its fun and big smile.
Santa - Banta... HohohohoSanta - Banta... HohohohoSanta - Banta... HohohohoSanta - Banta... Hohohoho

A Good Samaritan

An active patron who is always ready willing and able to help the destitute s, terminally ill and under privilege children. Knowing Amar & his family for 20 years he is a humble person & has never come out to show off what good work he does but instead is simple loving and giving. His wife Usha has always supported him and CRAC. May God bless them and also their two loving children abundantly.
A Good SamaritanA Good SamaritanA Good SamaritanA Good Samaritan

Wishing Well Celebration (7 photos)

A small diversion from the cry of the sick who after reaching Shanti Avedna Sadan have all smiles on their face because of the happy nuns and visitors who come around and cheer them wishing well team did just that along with our patrons our photos speak a 1000 words.
Wishing Well CelebrationWishing Well CelebrationWishing Well CelebrationWishing Well Celebration

80 says it all (5 photos)

Mummy did not hesitate a single moment when we requested her to chair, our committee she is our guiding star doing social service after she called it a day with her political career.
80 says it all80 says it all80 says it all80 says it all

Deo power

Deodita is a one women show but this time she took the help of Joel (student commerce) & Sandesh (web designer) to complete the wishing well from scrap to finish. Team CRAC thanks all of you and hope you all continue the good work. God bless.
Deo powerDeo power

WISHING WELL - 2015 (9 photos)

May 1st 2015 is dedicated to the terminally ill who want a wish fulfilled. CRAC has named that day Wishing Well day. The trial program was began in the forest guest house at Keri with Cynthia. The forest staff joined in to celebrate the mini party.
On June 7th 2015 an official eco well which was made by Deodita and Sandesh assisted by Capex Team. The wishing well was handed over by Sr. Prabala of Vivian Niwas Girls home Siolim to Sr. Jose Mary of Shanti Avedana Sadan Loutolem. Among the friends and well wishers were Joed Almeida of Radio Indigo, Rohit, Zygal and loutolim friends some came from far as Canada and down under to visit their relatives in SAS. The inmated were thrilled seing the wishing well and informed about the project that their wishes would be granted if they drop a note in that well were even happier. Sr. Jose Mary gave a talk on SAS and the way it functions. Her only request was to get more patiance so that they could be given the best care to live in dignity till the very end. What more fun can one ask for ???

Hungarian team

After completing their business & projects in Goa they have gone back to their land to continue the good work of CRAC India. They have also volunteered to help our visiting members to Hungary. The girl have grown and done a part of graduation in India because of the Indian & British connection. They are continuing their studies and planning to participate in social activities as far as it can go. Shirley is a wonderful artist and Robin supports her every step of the way. Robin in the other hand is a car freak who changes his vehicles at every drop of her pen. The children i.e. Natalie is into fashion and modeling & environment. Venna is into writing, reading & gardening and Cloie is the tom boy of the family who waits to punch any one who comes in her way & guards her sisters too. Wishing them luck.
Photos are L to R.....Robin, Cloie, Shirley, A friend, Natalie & Venna.
Hungarian team

Behind the scene

Warren of Warrenasia Technologies & his beautiful wife Rhea who is an Entrepreneur has volunteered to sponsor CRAC website for the next 3 years. On behalf of the team CRAC we thank you and may God bless u both abundantly.
Behind the scene

The New Wing S.A.S. - 17 Jan 2015 (6 photos)

The new year visit to S.A.S. with Nilesh Calangutkar was very touching because father pinto of the jesuits is in his final stage and meeting his sister & sr. Celina who is down from Calcutta spoke about their youth at Candolim. A number of student jesuit priests visited him when we where there and told us about his loving nature and god giving smile. Unfortunately two of the patients expired before we reach their but the nuns have done a beautiful job by keeping their spirits high.
We have also decided to help them in beautification of their garden (rock / pound). The most unfortunate thing was we forgot the CD's for the music system that is installed.
The New Wing S.A.S. - 17 Jan 2015The New Wing S.A.S. - 17 Jan 2015The New Wing S.A.S. - 17 Jan 2015The New Wing S.A.S. - 17 Jan 2015

Swachh Bharat

Cleaning of garbage starts from home, Dunhill apartments - Mapusa and continues with International Red Cross Society - Bardez.
Swachh BharatSwachh BharatSwachh BharatSwachh Bharat

Thanks giving at Vivian Niwas

The president of CRAC made the children make a commitment to thank the givers patrons and most of all the sisters who take care of them. An Xmas play was organised by the children and carol singing was organised by the committee. A dinner with the children ended the party.
Thanks giving at Vivian NiwasThanks giving at Vivian NiwasThanks giving at Vivian Niwas

Cynthia in tribal land (5 photos)

The elders of the village in Karjat explained to us about the village and what they do for their daily bread. The social workers teach the children under one roof which does not have the luxuries of the schools our children attend. The temperatures were at its peak, but the children of Std. IX were not perturbed and took it in their stride. We played with the children, taught them some crafts and distributed prizes to all, to avoid disparity among the children who are poor and downtrodden.
Cynthia in tribal landCynthia in tribal landCynthia in tribal landCynthia in tribal land

Shanti Avedna Sadan (5 photos)

Opening of new wing(Part 1) on 2nd Dec 2014 Mass celebrated by Cardinal Oswald Gracious and blessing of the hospital followed by dinner for patrons and well wishers. CRAC is proud to be a part of this project for terminally ill Cancer patients so that they can have a peaceful stay. This project now has 30 beds(10 old wing 20 new wing). CRAC is also happy to have a one on conversation and blessing from Cardinal Gracious(Bombay). Who is incidentally a part of Shanti Avedna Sadan - Delhi, Bombay and Goa.
Shanti Avedna SadanShanti Avedna SadanShanti Avedna SadanShanti Avedna Sadan

Community feast

The pet god-father sent the children big burgers and plenty of other gifts on the feast of the Holy Spirit the order of the nuns are Queen of the Apostle. The Nuns invited all the Priest Nuns and Patrons for a get - together CRAC team was prepared which made us think about how the Nuns share with what ever they have our eyes werefull of tears of joy. It was a double occasion sponsored by Rhys and Glenda Da Costa.
Community feastCommunity feastCommunity feast

Kargil (Goan Medalist)

CRAC is proud to have 2 Bsf Kargil Medal holders who fought for our Freedom from Goa,
1. Laxman Varak
2. Vijay Chopdekar
These men are so devoted to their jobs an still on duty with no home of their own when God willing we will help them with a decent home we have seen for ourself the tate their family's live in incidently they were recomended by our very own Goa Police Kalidas Gaonkar who is our Active village social worker just like our other Goa Police Shriram Salgaonkar team CRAC supports them every step of the Way JAI JAWAN.
Kargil (Goan Medalist)Kargil (Goan Medalist)

Feast before Fast (5 photos)

CRAC youth team led by Joshua made sure children of Vivian Niwas were given a party before the fasting of Ramzam as CRAC believs all religions are one. A sister Prabha gave us educative information about the special care our girls are given in this wild world of wolves in sheep clothing who prey on damsels who are alone. Our childrens are looked after with utmost care and are not let out of sight by the sisters because of the relationship between the nuns, our team and the girls, we keep an eye on them and reward them pretty often so that they are aware of the different cultures religions and cast & communities of people and we tech them that they should be kind to every human being.
Feast before FastFeast before FastFeast before FastFeast before Fast

Police cum Social service

1. Kalidas Gaonkar is a small town boy who during his spare time works for his community in the interiors of Goa.
2. Shriram Salgaonkar our city lad has a friend circle who donates blood in cases of emergency and a regular donor.
CRAC is proud of our men in Uniform be it a BSF, NAVY, ARMY AND POLICE.
Police cum Social servicePolice cum Social service

Grand Parents Day (7 photos)

A double occasion for CRAC as it coincides with our honorable Chairpersons Birthday so this year we honored Mr. Mohan Bomkar of Karwar who gives us a helping hand in sorting out our medicines for Vivian Niwas, since he is a part of the health center of karwar he has a healing touch smile which adds to his personality. He also has a plus point in alternative medicine which is of great use. His love for people show us how he uses his spare time to help people in distress, it runs in his fly as his son in law Mahesh and daughter Rakshata are our patrons for 8 years. He is our honorary member for the last 7 years. We wish them the best in life and thank them for supporting our projects.
Grand Parents DayGrand Parents DayGrand Parents DayGrand Parents Day

Smiling Nuns

Sr. Valsa visited Goa on a doctors visit (10th - 12th) sept. as our visit to the patients of Shanti Avedna Sadan was long overdue we spent the evening with the patients and nuns boosting the people with a dose of laughter and a big hug, there was one woman 84 yrs. young who smilingly told us she was effected by chewing tobacco so when we said Goa is not a tobacco land its a land of Fenny. She laughed thats when Joshua took a photograph with her a smile posing in front of the camera. Old soldiers never die they first fade away.
Smiling NunsSmiling NunsSmiling NunsSmiling Nuns

Gandhi Jayanti

The day started with cleaning the city then was party time, the evening started with a happy birthday to Zygal Lobo the dynamic activist of CRAC and a full time tribal social worker sisters showered him with blessings and flower and the girls sang their hearts out a nice way to end Gandhi Jayanti every year 2nd October is celebrated with children of a lesser God, the terminally ill and under privileged CRAC members bring smile and love to those forgotten.
Gandhi JayantiGandhi JayantiGandhi JayantiGandhi Jayanti

Red Cross On Medical Mission

26/11/2014 Started with felicitating two very important people of Mapusa for their tremendous work being done for our society. Our Chief of Red Cross mapusa Mr. I. J. Virani was nominated by the honourable Governor of Goa Mrs. M Sinha for swatcha bharat among her 9 member team. Dr. Digambar Naik of Vrundavan Shalby Hospital who wins patiance with his warm smile was given fellowship of Indian Academy of Echocardiography and was in New Zealand with 100 other Doctors for a medical seminar. These two Red Cross stars were given bouquets as a mark of appreciation for their work.
Mr. I. J. Virani, Dr. Digambar Naik, Ms. Fritzie Lobo, Mr. Salim Isani and Prof. Subhash Kauthankar proceeded to meet Dy. CM Francis Desouza to congratulate him for the added post of health minister. Dr. Naik updated Babush about the diabetic machine that gives an individual his full medical history and the data can be taken to any doctor when needed. A bouquets of red rosses was presented by Red Cross Mapusa Chief Mr. Virani to Dy. CM Fransis Desousa (Babush).
Red Cross On Medical MissionRed Cross On Medical MissionRed Cross On Medical MissionRed Cross On Medical Mission

Short Curcuit

Short Circuit goes out of hand due to illegal high tension line direct connected to tenents rooms causing fire to plumber Bajiro's room on 12 Feb 2014. Footage covered by Goa 365 & HCN.
Short CurcuitShort CurcuitShort CurcuitShort Curcuit

Project Dress Code Goa (5 photos)

CRAC was invited by Mr. Floriano Lobo to join in an awareness drive for dress code of tourists in Goa a great success with Brits, Romans, Russians, etc. taking part and promised to educate their friends about the sentiments of Goans and help keeping the relationship with their country friendly, happy and peaceful. The president of CRAC requested women to stop covering their face like Bandit Queens but instead share their beauty and smile with others. Beauty is to be appreciated not hidden.
Project Dress Code GoaProject Dress Code GoaProject Dress Code GoaProject Dress Code Goa

Green Goa Programme - 2013-2014-2015 (10 photos)

Citizens Rapid Action Committee celebrated World Habitat Day in Mapusa by felicitating the bold and beautiful for Green Goa Awards with Forest Officer Paresh Porob and Pranjal Shakardande, VIP's Red Cross, I J Virani, Salim Isani, Prof: Subhash, the rolling trophy for Green Goa went to Shree Salgaonkar a police who donates blood and is a great social worker. Arnold Noronha (wild life Photographer), Aaron Fernandes (Environment), Nirmal Kulkarni (wildlife Conservation), Glenda D'souza (Animal Activest), Jayshree Chowgula (Horticulture), Shriram Salgaonkar (Police).
Green Goa Programme - 2013-2014-2015Green Goa Programme - 2013-2014-2015Green Goa Programme - 2013-2014-2015Green Goa Programme - 2013-2014-2015

Independance Day

15th August 2013 Independent day was celebrated in citizen's rapid action committee office at Duler a hand full of kids with due respect to our loving nation by hoisting the National flag then had a small get together with gift this program was celebrated all day long with lovely kids coming and going enjoying themselves.
The National flag was hoisted by our patron Mr. Mahesh Madival and his wife Mrs Rakshita Madival gave snacks and useful gift to the children.
Independance DayIndependance DayIndependance DayIndependance Day

Farewell of Sister Prabha from Vivian Nivaas

Farewell of Sister Prabha from Vivian NivaasFarewell of Sister Prabha from Vivian NivaasFarewell of Sister Prabha from Vivian NivaasFarewell of Sister Prabha from Vivian Nivaas

Gadag (8 photos)

26th Jan was celebrated in Gadag (Karnataka). The trophy for volleyball tournament was sponsored by Mr. Vincent Lobo (Patron of CRAC Committee). There were 11 teams participating, all young talented boys which was a pleasant surprise. Village boys are very talented but not expose to big tournaments. The President of CRAC requested them to go ahead and take part in state level tournament which will be sponsored by CRAC and MGAWT. Bhalachandra and Shankar handled the program beautifully with lunch snacks and refreshments galore.


The first Bishop designate of Kothamangalam, dated 09 Feb 2013 is the cousin of our Sis Jose Marry of Shanti Avedana Sadan & Father George William of Kerala who are both in a part of the family of CRAC. Wishing you a happy holy life.

Nature Project

A group of nature lovers joined together to rescue animals and reptiles from city areas since human being have encroached on their habitat. After rescuing animals and reptiles, Aaron and his team take them back to where they belong. The sisters of Vivian Niwas with the under privilege children honored and entertained them because of they all learnt about the do's and don't of animals reptiles birds etc. This team also helps CRAC when needed especially when sighting a reptile in distress.
Nature ProjectNature ProjectNature ProjectNature Project

Throwing Feathers around

Privileged flat owners of Dunhill Apartments Duler have Chicken farms and throw their feathers around. New cult in housing society. Advise pigs, goats, and any four legged animal except dogs as their cry signifies death. They believe more animals' less people, plants excused. Dirt encouraging from above even god can't help Goa hotel industry. It will change to hospital industry.
Throwing Feathers aroundThrowing Feathers aroundThrowing Feathers aroundThrowing Feathers around

The Grand Finale of Smiling Goa

The chief guest DySP Serafin Dias and Guest of honour Colin D’cruz, international jazz musician did the honours of the 3rd programme of “Smiling Goa” awards. CRAC’s very own Graziela handled the mike to the perfection and professional Diana kept shooting away to glory. Collen liked the selection of songs for the participants and the DySp Serafin liked the selection of persons from all walks of life.
We are ordinary people doing extraordinary work, by putting a smile on the face of the grass root youth. Warren Rodrigues of Warrenasia takes the hat for updating the website. Members of Mahatma Gandhi Azad Welfare Trust were also a part of the programme since they are a part of CRAC.
The rolling trophy was handed to Mervin Wong of “Pulse” who is our smiling ambassador for 2012-2013. This trophy will go on to the next project of “Smiling Goa” Entertainment industry headed by Colin D’cruz, Goa’s son of the soil, an international musician who is a member of CRAC because he has the same ideology. Mr Amar Kavlekar for drama, Warren Rodrigues for Information & Technology and members for theatre (plays & movies) will be added as decided by the panel with CRAC.
The curtains was brought down with the cutting of birthday cake of Vice President of CRAC Zygal Lobo and Floriano Lobo, an activist whose late father’s birthday is also on the same Gandhi Jayanti Day. The sporting chief guest also had a photo session with the awardees and tribal and other members of Mahatma Gandhi Azad Welfare Trust of Karnataka. CRAC was showered with blessings from above during the grand finale.
We thank the DGP for not coming and sending DySP Serafin Dias who is the SON OF THE SOIL.

Ordinary People doing extraordinary work
Achievers Awards
1) Kalidas Gaonkar - Police
2) Vandita Dhargalkar - Sales
3) Sebastio Dias - P.T. Teacher
4) Rajesh Madkaikar - Postman
5) Somu Khot - Tel Linesman
6) Noorala Mulla - Florist
7) Mohan Gholase - Breadman
8) Sagar Sawant - Gas
9) Hyginus D’souza - Electrician

1) Vareesh Naik - Finance Advisor
2) Cannigia Carvalho - Law
3) Solomon Lamani - Web Designer
4) Aaron Fernandes - Environment
5) Fiyaz Narangi - Veg Merchant
6) Ethel D’souza - Social Worker
7) Arpita Srivastava - Media
8) Laxman Varak - BSF

1) Shaber Mulla - Farmer
2) Dhondu Sawant - Postman
3) Joshua D’mello - Business
4) Mervin Wong - Restaurant
5) Sukanya Wadkar - Bharatnatyam
6) Zygal Lobo - Activist
7) Shankar Nayak - Tribal-Teacher
8) Bhalachandra Tulasimani - Eco Social Worker
9) Vijay Chopdekar - BSF (Kargil Medalist)
10) Nalisha Carrasco - Entertainment Industry
11) Nilima Isani - Medical
12) Shane Zuzart - Vigilance
The Grand Finale of Smiling GoaThe Grand Finale of Smiling GoaThe Grand Finale of Smiling GoaThe Grand Finale of Smiling Goa

Independence Day Mangalore (7 photos)

Independence day celebrations in Mangalore Govt High School with Shankar Nayak who teaches higher secondary school children of this govt school. A tribal boy with a big city smile has aspirations for his village in Gadag on the lines of this Govt school or even better. It was a sports day for the students and trophies were given according to different categories. The evening ended with a get together of officials teachers and students.
Independence Day MangaloreIndependence Day MangaloreIndependence Day MangaloreIndependence Day Mangalore

15th August 2012

The day began with the hoisting of the national flag at the CRAC centre Duler, by BSF Vijay Chopdekar, Mahesh, Mulla , Ashok, Rahul a military aspirant and others which followed by tea and snacks. The main event was organized for the evening at our very own Vivian Niwas Siolim with the happy sisters and children. Our Kargil medal holder Vijay Chopdekar joined with his family .The jungle boys Aaron and gang and CRAC supporting team attended the programme. The girls organized plays, drawing competition and dance, and then Aaron spoke to the children about jungle life, animals, reptiles etc. Aaron and gang believe in live and let live who are available 24 x 7, catch reptiles and rehabilitate them back to their homes in the jungle.

Rhys and Gilroy sent a beautiful white cake which was cut by Vijay. A bouquet of flowers by the President. Snacks etc by Joshua, Zygal and supporting team. The programme ended on a high note with Vijay thanking us for inviting him and Sis. Prabha and the other nuns thanked each and every one for joining the fun. CRAC’s motto is a family who shares, loves, joy, happiness and sorrows eat together and stays together. So keep smiling till the next programme comes along.
15th August 201215th August 201215th August 201215th August 2012

Victoria Fernandes Birthday

Mrs. Victoria Fernandes lovingly known as mummy celebrated her 77th birthday with loved ones and family. Once a peace maker of Goa, now she has a pace maker to keep her going young as always and happy at heart. Nothing can stop her from making one smile. Who says sickness puts you down it only gives you a new life to complete ones unfulfilled mission.
Victoria Fernandes BirthdayVictoria Fernandes BirthdayVictoria Fernandes BirthdayVictoria Fernandes Birthday

Birthday of Sister Prabha at Vivian Niwas

Birthday of Sister Prabha at Vivian NiwasBirthday of Sister Prabha at Vivian NiwasBirthday of Sister Prabha at Vivian NiwasBirthday of Sister Prabha at Vivian Niwas


When the whole world is crying about forest fires, we in Goa are happily cutting neighbour’s plants but when it comes to our own we blow our tops. When are we going to learn?. Most urban folks prefer going to star hotels, beach holidays and what not. Does one stop to think about our forest holidays living with nature etc. hearing birds chirp wake you up in the morning with a outcome is fast life, fast food, fast death.

Sewage problem

Sewage problemSewage problemSewage problem

Children's Day at Vivian Niwas (5 photos)

Vivian Niwas celebrated Children's Day with song, dance and games. Mr. Wilfred Miranda gave the children cake because of his belated birthday. Joshua, Zygal and the President attended the lunch. There were 2 singing nuns who sang a prayer before lunch. Sr Diana and Sr Ashalata the 2 singing nuns sang for us a lunch prayer. Sr. Prabha and Sr. Prabala and Sr. Zita joined us with the lunch. Finally we had tea with cake and parted.
Children's Day at Vivian NiwasChildren's Day at Vivian NiwasChildren's Day at Vivian NiwasChildren's Day at Vivian Niwas

Mahatma Gandhi Azad Welfare Trust (7 photos)

Mahatma Gandhi Azad Welfare Trust Gadag Karnataka was born on the 11-11-2011 and at 11.00 am the trustees were called to the Registration for verification and at 1.11 pm the photos were taken out of the 9 members. There is a lot in store, so wait for the next photographs.
Mahatma Gandhi Azad Welfare TrustMahatma Gandhi Azad Welfare TrustMahatma Gandhi Azad Welfare TrustMahatma Gandhi Azad Welfare Trust

Smiling Goa 1st Anniversary

Smiling Goa celebrated their first anniversary at Appetite Classic with MLA Agnelo Fernandes of Calangute and DGP Dr. Aditya Arya who felicitated the young achievers of Smiling Goa.

They are as follows:
1. Miss Arpita Shrivastava. - TV Reporter
2. Mr. Aaron Fernandes - Environment
3. Mr. Cannigia Carvalho - Politics
4. Miss Ethel Ruth D'souza - Social Worker
5. Mr. Fiyaz Narangi - Veg Table
6. Mr. Laxman Varak - BSF
7. Mr. Solomon Lamani - Interior Designer
8. Mr. Vareesh Naik - Financial Advisor

Our 2010 Smiling Ambassador was Mr. Sebastio D'costa. With him was Police Mr. Kalidas Gaonkar and Sales Miss. Vandita Dhargalkar who brought in the rolling trophy and handed it over to Dr. Arya who in turn jointly gave it to Ethel D'souza who least expected to be chosen as 2011 ambassador . Ethel deserves this because her smile can buy a million hearts with her social work. Dr Arya had a few words of encouragement for every participant and they were all ears for him. He spoke more like a father than a DGP and our youth and elders have promised to support him in whatever he does to change Goa for the better. Mr. Agnelo Fernandes is a MLA of the masses. He was happy to have Dr to do all the speaking. But his few words really touched us by volunteering to participate in our humble program especially for the under privileged children. He also enjoyed the music for each participant and appropriate song was played. The show ended with a big thank you from our President to our distinguished guests for joining our celebrations of Smiling Goa.
Smiling Goa 1st AnniversarySmiling Goa 1st AnniversarySmiling Goa 1st AnniversarySmiling Goa 1st Anniversary

Gadag (6 photos)



Mother-in-law day 2010


50 years of Goa liberation so we decided to celebrate our 2nd anniversary of widow mother-in-law instead of our usual date in November. These women deserve the best & we have been doing so. It takes a man whole lot of courage to acknowledge the fact that woman can bring up her family single handedly with dignity & patience preparing them to be good citizens of tomorrow to face the world in style. We honour these humble women to join CRAC wall of fame. We are proud to facilitate these mothers of substance & make their dreams come true.
Mother-in-law day 2010Mother-in-law day 2010Mother-in-law day 2010Mother-in-law day 2010

Home for the Aged (5 photos)


With looks come courage & our beautiful youth are ever ready to take up the challenge to visit where wise men fear to go - visiting the terminally ill takes courage & our group cheers them and listens to their stories of yester-years. The group is led by Joshua who stays calm at any sensitive issue it's like tense but under control & he is a silent listener. We have yet to figure out what runs in his mind. The new team of nuns are cheerful & going there over the years we found a big change & the inmates are happy. This is a first time they made us laugh. We wish and pray that this never changes. We will always be a part of Shanti Avedna Sadan come what may.

Dr. Luzilano D'Souza
Sr. Valsa Kumblankal
Home for the AgedHome for the AgedHome for the AgedHome for the Aged

Smiling Goa - 2011-2012-2013 (5 photos)

Tribute to Gandhiji

Citizen’s Rapid Action Committee decided to felicitate the lesser known people of our society those who work in rain or shine even when the going gets tough standing in garbage or chased by stray dogs. These wonderful people work with a smile o their face & love in their heart. We decided to honour them for their honesty, dedication & simplicity to people who take them for granted.

The participants are as follows:


They were honoured by Mr. Nilkant Halarnkar – Minister of Tourism (Chief Guest)

The Smiling Ambassador is Sebastian D’ Costa honoured by our distinguished guest & patron Mr. Michael Carasco. Sebastian is associated with the youth & will groom them into happy, loving & smiling citizens of tomorrow.
Smiling Goa - 2011-2012-2013Smiling Goa - 2011-2012-2013Smiling Goa - 2011-2012-2013Smiling Goa - 2011-2012-2013

Healing Touch Eye and Dentist (7 photos)

This camp was held at St. Francis Xavier chapel was from 21st to 23rd Aug '10. Dr. Sasha had her hand full. Beginning with Fr. Caitaino Fernandes who after Blessing the bus was our first patient on the 22nd Aug. the eye optometrist came Mr. Sanjay Desai and Rakesh Gawas, We had 58 people who checked their eye and teeth, update specks costing half the amount which was bought from Mustafa's Eye Care. CRAC team helped in every possible way. The eye and teeth camp was a big success and people requested us to have similar ones every six month. Fr Caitanio Fernandes of St. Francis Xavier Chapel has volunteered to join us as our official counselor.








Healing Touch Eye and DentistHealing Touch Eye and DentistHealing Touch Eye and DentistHealing Touch Eye and Dentist

Bone Densitometry (8 photos)

Dr. Ravi invited "CRAC" and our women's cell Helping Hand for the medical camp at sankalp Hospital Duler. The response was superb with our members 30 plus and out sides Mr. B Mahesh (BMD) Hyderabad and Rajendra Deshpande were checking and explaining to the patients the pros and cons of calcium deficiency. All those who attended the camp were happy and Dr. Ravi was with his smile prescribing the medicines, also promised a special camp for our 70 plus members in the near future. This camp was on the 11-07-10
Bone DensitometryBone DensitometryBone DensitometryBone Densitometry

Helping Hand (8 photos)


Helping hand is a group of 70+ women of different religions, caste & creed joined together to make a better living in their lives. This group is affiliated to Citizen’s Rapid Action Committee. It all began when a group of women approached the President
Ms. Fritzie of CRAC & asked for advice & help. They saw the work done by CRAC i.e. free medical, free legal aid helping the underprivileged, the clean & green drive, the swine flu etc. The executive members decided to help these women by first start saving in Union Bank of India. This started from January 2010, but since there was no official inauguration CRAC decided to have it as and when the right time comes.

Deciding on the VIP was easy. We have two important ladies. Our very mummy (Victoria Fernandes) MLA of Santa Cruz as Chief Guest & the other is IGP Ms. Sundari Nanda of Goa, one we call the Iron lady of Goa & the fire brand cop with no offence we envy you both.

The traditional lamp was lit by
1. Mrs. Victoria Fernandes ( Mummy) - MLA
2. Mrs. S. Nanda - IGP
3. Ms. Fritzie – President CRAC
4. Miss. Zeniya – Freedom Foundation
5. Sr. Prabha – Vivian Niwas
6. Ms. Marina – PR CRAC
7. Mr. Michael - Patron
8. Ms. Narayan – Social Worker
9. Ms. Rita – Executive CRAC
10. Mr. Zygal – Vice President CRAC

Mrs. Nanda interacted with the women & made a point to let them know their rights but she also pointed out that at time these rights are misused by some women with ulterior motives. The members were all ears to her talk & commented that after hearing Mrs. Nanda’s speech they have regained their faith in the law.

Mrs. Victoria mummy was in a very happy mood who changed the listeners to laughter & from fear to fun with her jokes. It even made the IGP laugh. The two ladies reached out to about ninety families.

The evening will always be remembered with light music in the background & snacks in plenty. Everyone who attended the program had smiles on their faces; this is what CRAC is all about. Our show has just begun.
Helping HandHelping HandHelping HandHelping Hand

Bottle Me Up (10 photos)

The xmas gift of a water bottle given by CRAC to the girls of Vivian Niwas were instructed not to be used till 10th Jan but instead to decorate the bottles and 3 prizes were to be given to 1st-4th std, 5th-7th std, and 8th-11th std. The judges were Bethina from Hungry for 8th-11th std winner was preeti, Rita for 5th-7th std the winner was Evita and Ven for 1st-4th std the winner was Nelly.
Joshua, Rhea, Warren, Ven, Fritzie, Rita and Bethina took gifts galore for the different age group of children, the Nuns were happy cause they all had a pizza & Samosa party with tea & coffee. The evening ended with smiles on every one’s faces the show had to end early as school exams are on and children have to study.
Bottle Me UpBottle Me UpBottle Me UpBottle Me Up

2010 Has Commitments (9 photos)

Shanti Avedan Sadan for Cancer patients was lit up with fun and laughter by Joshua Vin & Fritzie the inmates were happy to receive gifts and many asked us to join them for lunch which we saw was really great Joshua listened carefully to whatever was said with wet eyes he even took a picture of then chapel of peace. The Sadan did not give us cold feet the nurses and sr. Effie who is also having cancer was in medical so she rested and asked us to go ahead with the members we knew that we would not meet the patients again as many were very ill but we were happy to put a smile on their faces but while leaving we left with heavy hearts and tears so showing how emotionally each of us were in our own simple way.
2010 Has Commitments2010 Has Commitments2010 Has Commitments2010 Has Commitments

Thanking Tide water oil company

CRAC honored Mrs. Cynthia Pereira who arranged her company to sponsor us with a memento. The company sponsored gym water bottles pens key chains, cards & hand towels to the committee so that they in return could present it to those in need like Vivian Niwas, Freedom foundation, Semenary Niwas, Shant Evdna Ashram and others.
Thanking Tide water oil companyThanking Tide water oil company

Hygienic Xmas

The kids of surrounding of Xelpem were given tooth paste and tooth brush since they have never used 1 before as a gesture of love for making a crib. Mrs. Rita a member of the group gave the gifts to the children and these children were also presented vidol water bottles as new year gifts.
Hygienic XmasHygienic XmasHygienic XmasHygienic Xmas

Freedom Foundation Xmas bash (7 photos)

15th December 2009. Freedom Foundation hosted a gala Christmas party for children and adults affected by and infected with HIV/ AIDS and its well wishers/volunteers. The purpose of this celebration was to Celebrate Life and gets the community involved and accountable. The day was filled with a host of fun activities, with the morning half being dominant with the Carol Singing Competition held for primary and pre primary school children. The voice of children filled the morning air transforming the atmosphere of the premise.

Friends of Freedom Mrs. Fritsie Lobo president of CRAC, Mr. Lester D’mello, Mrs. Farida of jeevan community Centre/ YMCA and Mrs. Amelia YMCA were the distinguished judges for the day.

The later half of the day was filled with fun games and activities for the plhas. Games like Housie, Balloon Race, etc were played. The day ended with students of the Red Ribbon Club NSS Unit St Xavier’s College Mapusa spending their time in conducting the games and santa claus distributing gifts and prizes to all. Gifts for the clients of Freedom were donated by generous donations from CRAC Veedol and YMCA and students of Xavier’s college.

The day truly encompassed the significance of community and togetherness embroidering the spirit of Christmas and joy of happiness to all. All were children of one family with no discriminal and stigma present

A success measured by greatness and a vision that indeed humanity is not lost.
Freedom Foundation Xmas bashFreedom Foundation Xmas bashFreedom Foundation Xmas bashFreedom Foundation Xmas bash

I lost my tooth for Xmas (6 photos)

Children of Victim Niwas had a fun with Dr. Sasha she made them laugh and extracted their teeths. Girls were too shy to cry. They were then presented tooth brush and paste and later presented Veedol water bottles.
I lost my tooth for XmasI lost my tooth for XmasI lost my tooth for XmasI lost my tooth for Xmas

Healing touch

Faith works and Canitas has a bus for the masses the bus was stationed at Duler chapel with Dr. Sasha (Dentist) and Dr. Vijay Shankar (Physician) these involved
Were Sancho his wife and members of CRAC the semerians after their medical were given Christmas gifts by CRAC and Dr. Sasha.
Healing touchHealing touchHealing touchHealing touch

All Souls Day (5 photos)

All souls day was shared with Vivian Niwas kids & sisters a funy way to end all saints and bring in all souls day, but we get a high on doing these programmes specially with those who keep us. In their prayers. All those associated with CRAC are always happy and go home smiling to share it with our loved ones. Rhea and Warren gave take aways to the children of the home.
All Souls DayAll Souls DayAll Souls DayAll Souls Day

1st anniversary mother-in-law day 2009 Madras (8 photos)

1st anniversary mother-in-law day 2009 Madras1st anniversary mother-in-law day 2009 Madras1st anniversary mother-in-law day 2009 Madras1st anniversary mother-in-law day 2009 Madras

1st anniversary mother-in-law day 2009 Goa (5 photos)

Ladies you’ll look young now. The programme started at a very slow face. The chief Guest was there earlier then expected but goans have to live up to their name.
The media came an hour late instead of high tea which they are not used to. They thought these old ladies invited them to cocktails and listen to their dreams. The ceremony started by honoring the guest of honor Mrs. Imelda Vesela then came the order 10. The guest were few well looked after and people who love to get involved.
1st anniversary mother-in-law day 2009 Goa1st anniversary mother-in-law day 2009 Goa1st anniversary mother-in-law day 2009 Goa1st anniversary mother-in-law day 2009 Goa

Smile your blues away (6 photos)

Dr. Ravi Nachinolkar invited CRAC members for bone density camp. It was a matter of only five minutes but many were afraid of the results. Mrs. Ravi reassured our friends of the better days ahead if one address the doctor’s advice and pat came the smile on the faces of those in distress after going next to meet the Dr Ravi. His work was half completed by this beautiful person he was married to, his smile draws patients back and his advice and laughter is totally free. There were 150 patients a big success. Citizens Rapid Action Committee believes in SMILE. your blues away and we have the right team of Doctors, Lawyers and Professionals from every walk of life. If you can Smile join us. Life is too short for troubles & worries so keep smiling.

Rakesh Naik is a humble X-ray technician but not a single person will live without a bye so we call him Hello-Bye man.
Smile your blues awaySmile your blues awaySmile your blues awaySmile your blues away

Shoot the Swine

Programme on 20th August 2009.

Dr. Pratima Thali - Chief of Urban Health Center Mapusa came to CRAC office Xelpem, Duler, Mapusa and spoke to the members of the committee and a few others about the latest silent killer which has taken the world by storm. Our CRAC youth are going door to door on a war footing to educate the people about swine flu. This service will go a long way if people participate in this awareness campaign.
Shoot the SwineShoot the SwineShoot the Swine

Pastors Day Celebration 09

4 August, 2009. Pastors' day celebration at St. Francis Xavier chapel, Duler-Mapusa. On this occasion two books on the sacraments of confirmation and marriage (written by Fr. Thomas Lobo - the dean of Mapusa) were released by Fr. Walter.
Pastors Day Celebration 09Pastors Day Celebration 09Pastors Day Celebration 09

Road to Calvery (7 year Itch) (7 photos)

Everyone Visiting Dunhill Apts. was directed as follows
a) Bus stop blue star bar have a drink to quench your thirst
b) Walk up the road if one walks by the side you are bound to loose your eyesight with creepers having thorns.
c) Enter Dun - Hill Apts Gate you might get chocked with smoke from Dunhill cigarettes and you guess right what follows next you are history.
Road to Calvery (7 year Itch)Road to Calvery (7 year Itch)Road to Calvery (7 year Itch)Road to Calvery (7 year Itch)

Put a smile on a child (9 photos)

Happy home marna siolim was given a day out with santa clause coming from the Arabian sea on a boat to river rays hotel Verem. MLA Francis D'souza and fly chairman of MMC Michael Carrassco and family and all the members of CRAC including Prof. Prajal Sakerdande who gave away presents with Santa to each and every child from the home. The day's programme was organized by Dr. Astrid Almaida and a live band called "Les Amigos" who's leader Cajie the drummer is a member of CRAC, and the children sang danced to their music and the show ended at 6:00 pm. The bus was sponsored by Michael, the meals were sponsored by Mr. Vincent Lobo and the gifts were sponsored by the members and their friends who are well wishers of the committee.
Put a smile on a childPut a smile on a childPut a smile on a childPut a smile on a child

Puppy Love Adoption camp

Astrid Almeida is with International animal Rescue so the stray puppies were given a decent home the programme was at Duler chapel grounds.
Puppy Love Adoption campPuppy Love Adoption campPuppy Love Adoption camp

Project scrap plastic (5 photos)

Viegas President of Bailancho Ekwot organized a paper bag programme for the people of Xelpem Mapusa.
Project scrap plasticProject scrap plasticProject scrap plasticProject scrap plastic

Mother-in-law day - Madras

Mother in law day was celebrated in Madras by honoring 3 outstanding women.
Mother-in-law day - Madras

Mother-in-law day - 2008-2009-2010 (6 photos)

Mother in law day in goa was celebrated on 2nd Nov. 08. The Iron Lady of Goa Mrs. Victoria Fernandes (MLA) was honored by chairpersons Ms. Astrid and President Ms. Fritzie respectively the first ever programme in the world the first in India and definitely the first in Goa. Mrs. Victoria Fernandes lovingly known as Mummy because of her political carrier in Goa is a mother, mother in law and a loving grand mom. She not only educated her children, but got them settled in marriage each one having their own carrier now. 8 dynamic women from Goa and 3 from Chennai were honored Munney.
Mother-in-law day - 2008-2009-2010Mother-in-law day - 2008-2009-2010Mother-in-law day - 2008-2009-2010Mother-in-law day - 2008-2009-2010

Learn & Earn Govt. scheme Siolim

If you give a woman a meal it will feed her for a day but if you teach her to Cook it will feed her a lifetime so we decided to teach them to make pickles, jams, etc so that the family will be fed a lifetime the Govt of India Ministry of Human Rescue made sure that these people were trained to make living for themselves. Development office gave a group of 40 people and also gave them certificates an completion of the three day course in solution. The chief guest for the certificate ceremony was Dr. Jowhar Fernandes.
Learn & Earn Govt. scheme SiolimLearn & Earn Govt. scheme SiolimLearn & Earn Govt. scheme SiolimLearn & Earn Govt. scheme Siolim

Learn & Earn Govt. scheme (6 photos)

Duler had the learn and earn programme and Michael Carasco distributed the certificates we all at CRAC took the course.
Learn & Earn Govt. schemeLearn & Earn Govt. schemeLearn & Earn Govt. schemeLearn & Earn Govt. scheme

Independence day 2007 Vivian Niwas (10 photos)

Independence Day 2007 was celebrated at Vivian Niwas a group of " have a heart ciub Jr. CRAC till age 15 boys and girls danced and sang so did the children of Niwas and there were lots of snacks and fun.
Independence day 2007 Vivian NiwasIndependence day 2007 Vivian NiwasIndependence day 2007 Vivian NiwasIndependence day 2007 Vivian Niwas

I Q programme of Village children (5 photos)

BPL children had a ball of an evening & to our surprise they were not dumb like their parents. There were also games, drawing & city bombing with gifts for winners 7 snacks for all the judges. We Mr. Wilfred & Ms. Zelpha Miranda, Ms. Toshi Mallik of Krupa & Dr. Subramanyam of Ella farms old goa (scientist) & all the members.
I Q programme of Village childrenI Q programme of Village childrenI Q programme of Village childrenI Q programme of Village children

Healing Touch - (Cancer Patients)

With tears in our eyes we sang out loud Santa gave presents to one & all Music in the air by Alwyn Almieda. Everyone was smiling their pain away, but the scars lingered on the members for a long time when we sang "show me the way to go home". And silent night. The programme was at Shnti Evdna Ashram Lotolim.
Healing Touch - (Cancer Patients)Healing Touch - (Cancer Patients)

Have a heart X'mas (5 photos)

Happy home was given a surprise by Santa coming from England. Fun, dance and all the members were there with gifts galore.
Have a heart X'masHave a heart X'masHave a heart X'masHave a heart X'mas

Grandpa's Mando Festival - Margao

Auda Viegas who helped us form a committee came & met the president with few friends for sponsors which we gladly helped the added attraction was Lorna & CRAC President Fritzie singing on the same stage. The show went well but nothing special even the snaps did not reach as promised by Ethel Lobo & the rest.
Grandpa's Mando Festival - MargaoGrandpa's Mando Festival - MargaoGrandpa's Mando Festival - Margao

Farewell to Alms (Vivian Niwas)

A surprise visit was made by the Vidol family to Happy home and Vivian Niwas with gifts to happy home and a birthday cake to the superior of Vivian Niwas Sr. Bertha since it was her Birthday.
Farewell to Alms (Vivian Niwas)Farewell to Alms (Vivian Niwas)Farewell to Alms (Vivian Niwas)Farewell to Alms (Vivian Niwas)

Disha medical camp (5 photos)

Usha organized a blood test camp for the mentally challenged children.
Disha medical campDisha medical campDisha medical campDisha medical camp

Dead road

The main road to Siolim from SPG Hall is something to think about a bumpy ride on a 2 wheeler will send you for a By - Pass surgery that's the reason we have Doctors on our team.
Dead roadDead roadDead road

Cow parking of mapusa

With garbage in plenty & no space to park 2 & 4 wheelers the cows have a ball of a time eating from the bin & relaxing watching the people walk on cow dung, even though this was published. The Mapusa Muncipal Council closed their eyes. Old habits die Hard.
Cow parking of mapusaCow parking of mapusaCow parking of mapusa

Battle to Live Football Match Quitla (6 photos)

Keegen Pereira was battling for life with leukemia. Even though his father Bernard Pereira was a leading football player of Goa his finance ran out and with no help at all a group of like minded people joined together collect money for his treatment by having football matches all over Goa. CRAC and its members helped sponsor and collect Rs 2 from every person attending the match. Mr. Florian Lobo handled the cash and also sponsored buses for the final matches to Fartorda. Where the money collected from all the matches was handed over to Mr. Bernard the father who had tears in his eyes. This programme was attended by many dignatories.
Battle to Live Football Match QuitlaBattle to Live Football Match QuitlaBattle to Live Football Match QuitlaBattle to Live Football Match Quitla

Wild acers X'Mas bash (9 photos)

Wild acers Xmas bash was celebrated friends from IAR (international group). Santa came in from the jungle. Children organized their own programme for the guest. Games were organized by Dr. Astrid and Dr. Kevin. The farm owner Salu his wife and mother decorated the place and made it look fastle. Meals were organized and snacks and gifts were distributed.
Wild acers X'Mas bashWild acers X'Mas bashWild acers X'Mas bashWild acers X'Mas bash

Village medical camp

The medical camp at Duler was organized by CRAC with Dr. Bagga who attended to patients and gave free medicines and tonics to the children and grown ups. There were about 100 people and instead of a half day it turned out to be a whole day since Dr. Bagga hates refusing a patient. This camp was held at Star Vision office owned by Salvador Fernandes.
Village medical campVillage medical camp

Gujarat Earthquick (8 photos)

Gujarat trembled & buildings fell that's when CRAC was born. Not wasting a single moment since the President came from Daman know plenty of people. We started collecting clothes food etc. & along with Goa Suraj party sent it to Surat. From there it was distributed to the people by Mr. Hemendra Parekh.
Gujarat EarthquickGujarat EarthquickGujarat EarthquickGujarat Earthquick

Gujarat Plague (5 photos)

The youth of Dabhal, Daman called helping hand join the daman check post of officers ( Police, exice & fire brigade to stop people of Gujrat of entering the union territory and contaminating the place with plague. Leading the group was Mrs. Fritzie treasure of helping hand Daman along with the Patels & Tandals. It was a great success and plague did not spread to Daman even though people were begging to enter the UT we had to leave our emotions to save another calamity.
Gujarat PlagueGujarat PlagueGujarat PlagueGujarat Plague

1989 - Helping Hand Daman (8 photos)

May Queen Ball
The first programme of social service was in aid of the Church Our Lady of the Sea small Daman. The chief guest is shri Deepak Mishra (IPS-AIGP DAMAN & DIU) Guest of honour is Mr. Ashok Khamini owner of Royal Distillary Daman on the helping hand team is Johny George(Wineshop owner) Adv. Victor Fernandez Film Producer Mr. Danpat Mehta Ach. Hemendra Parekh and Excise chief Mr. Carvalo.
Bands at the show are music encounter of Bombay and kangaroos of Daman. AIGP Deepak Mishra being a very strict officer enjoyed the show with his wife judging the May Queen along with Jaya Kamat & Mr. Khamini. The press of Gujarat interviwed AIGP who was outspoken and humourous for the first time they put a crossed toughed questions regarding smuggling which he stopped during while in Daman. AIGP never minced his words when replying to the media.
1989 - Helping Hand Daman1989 - Helping Hand Daman1989 - Helping Hand Daman1989 - Helping Hand Daman

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