CRAC India

Executive Committee

Mr. Nelson Pereira

Chairperson (Honorary)
Mr. Nelson Pereira Nelson is the head of an MNC in Mumbai. Holds a Bachelor's degree from University of Mumba. Worked for a decade in Saudi Arabia from ARAMCO. At present handles day to day finance and accounts assignments. He is an active social activist 24 x 7.

Smt. Flavia Moraes

Torch bearer
Smt. Flavia Moraes In memory of Swatantra Party stalwarts this NGO is born with reliable, honest and loyal members working for the lessor known people of society.

Ms. Fritzie Moraes Lobo

Ms. Fritzie Moraes Lobo A woman who cannot be arm twisted or taken for a ride is an ex purchase officer from N.A.P.E. who gained friends for life who later got together to pursue her hobby of social service. Music, prayer & laughter are her main strength. A full time gypsy activist helping tribals to earn a living through their handicrafts which is handled by Mahatma Gandhi Azad Welfare Trust India.

Joshua D'mello

Joshua D'mello A smiling young businessman who shuffles between work and social service. His support to the committee is important. Being our treasurer is the best gift we have, since he is emotionally involved with the underprivileged children and the terminally ill.

Adv. Eeshan Usapkar

Adv. Eeshan Usapkar A lawyer by profession and an Explorer by Passion. National Debate Championship winner, Ex Army Officer Cadet, Ex Chairperson of Jr. Jc. Wing of JCI Mahaprastha and a trail of prizes in national and state level events and competitions. Debating, Dancing, Shooting, Biking, Horse riding, Trekking and swimming are his hobbies. But what really interests him is being around with kids and helping those is need.

RJ Joed Almeida

Music Therapy
RJ Joed Almeida He needs no introduction, you hear his voice every evening with words of encouragement for many in distress. He is our brand ambassador for wishing well. A project for the terminally ill, which was inaugurated on the 1st of May 2015.

Mr. Zygal Vincent Lobo

Mr. Zygal Vincent Lobo Member
This is just the core committee. The youth are dedicated workers - shuffling between work, school, etc. Pictures will say a thousand words. Come join us to make a difference.

4th June is Gypsy town independence day; Inauguration of Gadag Branch.
In a small village of Karnataka lives a group of 1000 Gypsy families whose sons came to CRAC for medical help and after that they hung on to the Committee and requested for a branch to be opened. So on the 4th of June, Gypsy town was born and adopted by CRAC. The village celebrated and even the sick smiled. A group of strong educated tribes have formed the core committee; land has been donated for a medical centre and a beautiful home to stay. The rest will be in the hands of the Lord. Members of the branch are as follows:

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